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5 Great Ways to Make Money Selling Your Stuff

Facebook Marketplace and Groups Facebook is a great place to sell your stuff. You can post it so that people who are nearby can see it. Start by selecting the Marketplace icon on your Facebook App. Select “What are you listing?” and type the name of what...

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Leveraging Facebook Groups to Help Fill Your Wallet

Facebook groups. We are all a part of them, whether we want to be or not. The brilliance of the group system on Facebook is that there are SO MANY different kinds of groups. There are the local sale groups, where you can buy and sell used goods with your...

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Multi-task and Make Money with Your Cell Phone!

You’re busy, but your wallet sure does deserve more for everything that you do. We’ve put together a list of some of the best apps to help you make money from wherever you want on your cell phone! Gigwalk Gigwalk is a great app for someone with...

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The Best Grocery Stores for Free Samples

We all know you get excited when you see the little table with the microwave and the small cups. Grocery shopping is tedious and annoying, not to mention expensive. What’s the biggest thing that stores do to brighten your weekend shopping trip? Free...

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10 Freebies You Can Get Online

Free stuff is great. That’s why you’re here. Check out these 10 great freebies you get fast, easy, and online today. Free eBooks If you love to read, say goodbye to having to pay for books. Check out these sites to get free eBooks to keep you...

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The Secrets You Need to Know About Getting Free eBooks

What if I told you free knowledge is at your fingertips? Literally. Free stuff is great. eBooks are awesome. So, it’s hard to beat free eBooks. Today, I’m going to let you in on some of the little-known secrets to getting free eBooks from across the web....

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5 Hacks to Save Money on Your Bills

1. Fill up a water bottle. Your water bill is probably high. Too high. Especially if you’re reading this post. A good chunk of the water we use every day gets flushed down the toilet . . . literally. Unless you have a brand new, eco-centric toilet, chances...

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How I Saved Hundreds on My Cell Phone Bill

For years, cell phone companies have been gouging me. I finally decided enough was enough and I took these steps to save some money on my cell phone bill. I started by checking my company. I’m not going to name names, because that’s not what we like to do...

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