The receipts in your wallet are more than just ghosts of your past purchases. Your receipts can mean more money in your wallet!

Start off by checking each of them. Many companies include surveys and coupons on their receipts. You may get a free item, a deep discount, or an entry into a drawing/sweepstakes. No matter what you get, it would be a shame to waste it.

But wait! Your receipts can do even more than that! Using apps like CheckOut51 and IBotta, you can get cash back by scanning your receipts. This cash back is generally on specific items you buy at the grocery store, so check the apps before you check out.

Don’t forget, if you shop at Walmart your receipt has an extra feature. Walmart offers a savings catcher. Scan your receipt, and if they find lower advertised prices, they will give you the money back on a Walmart gift card!

Credit Cards

Your credit cards are useful. Cashback, rewards points, extra security, and so much more. Don’t forget about using and taking advantage of all of these rewards. If your credit card offers 5% cash back, that’s 5% more cash in your wallet on the purchases you’re going to make anyways. The trick is to make sure you are paying it off every month. Otherwise, you’ll spend way more in interest than you get in cash back.

Debit Cards

Did you know that you can connect your debit card with different apps like Shell’s Fuel Rewards and Groupon to get deals and cashback on your regular purchases?

Your Money!

Last, but certainly not least, make the money that is already in your wallet work for you. Sign up for Acorns and put some money into investing! You’ll receive interest back into your account and it’ll feel great to watch your money grow.