What if I told you free knowledge is at your fingertips? Literally.

Free stuff is great. eBooks are awesome. So, it’s hard to beat free eBooks. Today, I’m going to let you in on some of the little-known secrets to getting free eBooks from across the web.

Start by scrolling through Amazon.

Amazon has a great selection of eBooks compatible with their Kindle devices and Kindle reading apps. Don’t worry, it’s easy to read Kindle books without getting a new device. Download the app on your phone or tablet, or read online through the cloud reader on your computer. Scrolling through the Kindle store you will see a variety of prices. Some will be more expensive, some will only be $0.99. However, you will find some titles that are absolutely free. Often, this is a promo, so jump on it quick if you’re interested in it. Signing up for Kindle Unlimited will get you even more free books.

Take advantage of your Amazon Prime account.

Say what you will about Amazon, but they don’t neglect those Prime users who are willing to shell out money for free shipping each year. As a prime member, you’ll find an exclusive section in the Kindle store with free eBooks, magazines, and more. These rotate often too, so if you find something you love, jump on it quickly.

Hit up your local library to get access to Overdrive.

Overdrive.com is one of the coolest pieces of software available for eBooks. It’s an online virtual library that connects thousands of libraries together. Most local libraries will have a library subscription to the company, so you get in free with your library card. Once you have a log-in, you’ll get to “borrow” from thousands of titles.

Get recommendations (including free eBooks) straight to your inbox.

If you’re an avid reader and you haven’t tried BookBub yet, you’re missing out. I love this website. You tell them what you’re interested in and they send you recommendations to your inbox. These emails also include free eBooks! What more could you want?

Hit up Project Gutenberg for the best collection of public domain books.

One of the most well-established websites for free eBooks, Project Gutenberg has the largest collection of older, public domain books, free. So, if you’re feeling a classic, this is your place.

Read some indie books fresh from the authors on Smashwords.com

Smashwords.com is a revolutionary site where authors can publish their own books and short stories. They have a “free” section where you can find thousands of works that don’t cost a dime. A lot of independent authors write their tales here, so you’ll be reading great things before anyone else even knows they exist.

Don’t worry, Google has a “free” section on their bookstore too.

Google’s bookstore, while not as popular as kindle, does have a great interface. It’s easy to use and there are thousands of books available through it. Unlike Kindle, they make it easy to sort and find the best free titles. Read them straight through the website, or download to enjoy the titles later.