We all know you get excited when you see the little table with the microwave and the small cups. Grocery shopping is tedious and annoying, not to mention expensive. What’s the biggest thing that stores do to brighten your weekend shopping trip? Free samples. So we’ve put together a list of some of the best locations you can scout for free samples, enjoy that tiny forkful of pasta: you deserve it.


Costco, well known for the great customer service, awesome deals, and gold-star membership has more than just great prices as a perk for joining. It may cost a yearly fee to get access to Costco, but that includes a year of weekends in which the store is flooded with free sample tables: all for your enjoyment.

Sam’s Club

Much like Costco, you must pay that yearly fee for Sam’s club. Don’t let it go to waste, get every penny by picking up some tasty treats when you’re stocking up on toilet paper.

Trader Joes

A generally healthy store, in fierce competition with Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s wants you to buy their products. They put extra care into the creation of their new features and it shows up on the free sample table.

Whole Foods

Sometimes, Whole Foods even includes fresh fruit free samples, just so you can see how fresh and healthy they are. Stop off here for some unique free samples and a fun atmosphere. Plus, since they were recently acquired by Amazon, the prices at Whole Foods have begun to drop.

Kroger/Randall’s/Your Local Store

You don’t have to go to a big-box retailer or bulk specialty store to get the best in free samples. These smaller chains often offer free samples (usually on the weekend). They can range from tasty and healthy foods to new wines. The people running these stations often work for outside companies and get pay based on their performance. So, go ahead and grab that box off pizza bites they offer you – it’s for the greater good.

Bonus! Free Workshops at Lowe’s

Once a month, Lowe’s hosts free workshops that discuss everything from big painting to smaller kids projects. In a way, these ARE free samples. Free samples of knowledge!