Are you a Pin lover? Do you share, spread, influence, and cultivate your boards? Do you have a lot of followers who appreciate what you post? Well, just like any blog where your followers benefit you, your Pinterest followers can benefit you now too!


It’s easy . . . Affiliate Marketing!

Affiliate marketing has been used on Pinterest since the site began. It’s not new by any means. However, up until recently, anyone who wanted to make money via Pinterest with affiliate marketing had to have a blog or website page backing up every single pin they wanted to make money on.

Here’s how it works:

  • Advertisers have products they want sold, advertisements they want seen, or forms they want filled out.
  • Pinterest influencers can share these advertisements with their users. When someone clicks on a link, buys something, or fills out a form, the Pinterest mogul gets a small, set amount of money.

Easy, right?

Well, in the past, this all had to be done via a third-party website. So, if you wanted someone to buy a product, they would need to click on your pin, then read whatever blog post or website you had set up before they clicked on the affiliate link to buy the product, gaining you a cut of the sale.

HOWEVER, Pinterest has since updated their policy and you can now directly publish affiliate links as pins. So, if you want to help sell a product, all the users must do is click on the pin and buy the product. SO SIMPLE!

If you’re ready to start making money through your Pinterest, the first step is to find some great content, share it, and build up an audience. Then, you can start finding some affiliate partners. Good luck bringing in that cash!