You’re busy, but your wallet sure does deserve more for everything that you do. We’ve put together a list of some of the best apps to help you make money from wherever you want on your cell phone!


Gigwalk is a great app for someone with a critical eye who wants to make a little extra spending money! You’ll be linked to “gigs” in your area and if you accept them, you just follow the instructions and you’ll get a few bucks in your PayPal account! These are generally “secret shopper” gigs where you check to see if a certain item is in stock in a store and if it is merchandised correctly.


If you regularly walk into stores, like a lot of us do, there is no reason you shouldn’t be paid for it. Shopkick gives you points (which can be redeemed for prizes) for walking into different stores, scanning items around those stores, and even buying certain items.


Kind of like Shopkick, IBotta give you the opportunity to make money off the stuff you were probably going to buy anyways. Browse your favorite stores on IBotta and you’ll find a list of cash-back rebates you can get. When you’re done shopping, scan your receipt, and the rewards will be sent to you via PayPal.

Ipsos I-Say

Do you have an opinion? Well, taking a survey and making money off of that opinion is one of the best ways to make extra spending cash. With Ipsos i-say, you take surveys you qualify for and receive payments for each of them.


Earn money just by watching TV! Viggle logs the time you spend watching and rewards you with points that can be redeemed for prices. You’ll earn point for watching any TV, but if you watch the sponsored programs they tell you about in the app, you can earn even more.


You can even earn money with the amazing pictures you take on your cell phone. Simply upload your photos to Foap, and if someone wants to buy one, you get $5. Win for you!