You are missing out on savings waiting for you in your pocket. The Walmart app (Availible on IPhone or Android) is packed full of great tools to help you save money and time when you take a trip to one of the largest retailers in the world.

Walmart has worked hard to improve their app and use it to create a great experience both in (and out) of the store. Taking advantage of some of these great features will surely save you money, time, and maybe even sanity.

Find Your Aisle

Walmart uses a real-time inventory tracking system that stays almost perfectly up-to-date. Simply search for what you’re looking for and it will tell you where it is in your preferred store.

Are you in a different Walmart than usual? The Walmart App will realize this, automatically update your location, and tell you the aisle number of whatever you’re looking for where you are.

Bonus time/money saver?

Use the Walmart App to quickly find the best deal. Search for the name of the product you are looking for like “oatmeal” and it will tell you the different options, the different prices, and where you can find those items! Get the best deal and find it quickly; saving yourself time and money!

Scan & Price Match

Walmart price matches with other competitors, but did you know that Walmart price matches themselves? Often, an item is less expensive through When you are in the store, scan an item, and it will pull up the price online. If the price is less in the app than it is in the store, take it to customer service and they will price match it for you!

Extra Hint! You can also use scanning tools available in the Amazon App and the Target App to check for lower prices. They do have some restrictions, but most of the time, Walmart will price match and give you back the difference! Yay savings!

Check Another Store

In the Walmart App, when you research an item, you can scroll down and select that item to see if it is in stock in your store. Click on it to see if it is in stock at nearby stores as well.


It will tell you the price of the item in each store, letting you know if you can find extra savings.

I like to do this with staple items that are priced differently everywhere like milk and eggs. I can find out which store near me has the best price and avoid wasting money or time shopping around.

Pickup Discounts

Walmart has been seriously upping their online game. They even ship select items to your house within two business days! What’s even better? A growing number of items can be purchased online and picked up in store.

When you do this, Walmart will give you a pickup discount, anything from a few cents to several dollars. You can save money, and just grab your online orders at the customer service desk.

Let Someone Else Do the Shopping

A growing number of Walmart stores now offer pickup service. You can make a list online of fresh groceries you want, tell them what time you want to pick it up, and meet a friendly Walmart employee in the parking lot. They will even load your car for you!

Since Walmart is just rolling out this program, they offer a lot of first time discounts and coupons. This can also save you time and stress, which can be as awesome as saving money! It’s not available at all stores, but they are working on expanding the program.

Savings Catcher

When you’re done with your shopping trip, take a quick scan of the QR code on the bottom of your receipt in the Walmart app and add it to the savings catcher! Walmart compares your purchases with current adds at local retailers all around you.

If they find a lower price, they give that amount back to you on a gift card!

Now you don’t even have to scour the local adds to get price matches.

BONUS! Coupons

Alright, Walmart doesn’t have coupons IN their app, but they are printable through or they can be used as a virtual bonus in the app. Stack these coupons with rebates from apps like IBotta, Checkout51, and ShopKick; you will be a grocery shopping master in no time!