Facebook groups. We are all a part of them, whether we want to be or not.

The brilliance of the group system on Facebook is that there are SO MANY different kinds of groups. There are the local sale groups, where you can buy and sell used goods with your neighbors, the local groups where you can connect with like-minded people around you, business groups, craft groups, hobby groups, and so much more.

With how awesome the group system may be on Facebook, you could be missing out on some serious money-making opportunities.

Sell Your Old Stuff

Surely you have stuff sitting around your house waiting to leave. You don’t use that old guitar anymore, you don’t want it, and you could use a little extra cash.

Gone are the days of lugging it down to the pawn shop or waiting until you have enough stuff for a garage sale. Instead, take a picture, throw it in a Facebook buy/sell group, and see if anyone there wants to buy it.

Find Great Deals on What You Need

When you need a new couch, new clothes, or just about anything, save some money and skip the trip to the store. Check your local Facebook groups first to see if what you need is there. You can generally get a much better price on everything from furniture to kitchen items.

Get Thrifty with Upcycle projects

Remember how I told you about buying furniture and other used goods from your local Facebook group pages? Well, many people get rid of items that can be upcycled. That means you refresh an old piece with some elbow grease, paint, and other new features to make it look really awesome again.

Even better? When you’re done refreshing the old dresser you found, you can sell it for even more than you spent on it: adding more cash to your wallet!

Promote Yourself / Your Business

Networking has never been easier with the introduction of Facebook groups. If you do work on the side, promote your own skills, or find more clients/customers for your business, Facebook groups should not be ignored. Come up with brilliant posts to capture attention and share them in as many groups as you can. Join groups in your field, in complementing fields, and even in your area to share your passions with.

Remember to pay attention to what others are posting and participate in the conversations as well if you really want to be noticed.

Find Side Gigs / Your New Career

You aren’t the only one using Facebook groups to better your business. Keep an eye out for listings on small gigs or events that you can do. Often, Facebook groups will even have great job postings that give you the ability to more directly connect with the hiring managers.

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