For years, cell phone companies have been gouging me. I finally decided enough was enough and I took these steps to save some money on my cell phone bill.

I started by checking my company.

I’m not going to name names, because that’s not what we like to do around here. However, they were taking way more money for the same service I could get elsewhere.

The biggest culprit? Data.

It’s not like I was using a ridiculous amount of it. However, I didn’t have an unlimited plan, and I was always running out before the month was up. That meant that I would have to either pay a big fee, or live without any fun on my phone for a few days.

I found an unlimited data plan.

These aren’t for everyone, but they work well for me. It means I can use my phone as much as I want without fear of the fee.

The next money-sucker?

My cell phone. I was paying a monthly fee close to $75 for my family’s cell phones. These monthly lease payments for phones were out of hand. Instead, I looked into free phones that the company had available. I also got a refurbished phone for another line on the family plan on eBay. This took hundreds of dollars off my bills and made a huge difference.

There’s nothing wrong with a refurbished phone. They work great for a fraction of the cost! Just make sure you check the reviews of your seller before you take advantage of a great deal.

Don’t shy away from prepaid plans.

Prepaid plans used to suck. They used to mean horrible service and crappy phones. That’s no longer the case. Prepaid plans work on the same towers major networks do, so you may find a great deal in those.

I got rid of what I didn’t need.

I had tablets and bonus’s on my cell phone plan that I didn’t need. I made sure my cell phone companies quit talking me into add-ons that I wouldn’t ever use. Why in the world have I been paying for a hotspot when my phone has one built in?

I asked.

That’s right, I straight up, called the cell phone company and asked what I could do to lower my bill. They looked into various discounts for me, and we settled on a much more reasonable number.

Don’t forget about the value customer service?

When I took into account the great amounts of money I was saving when I switched plans, I also realized I was saving a ridiculously large amount of money. With my original company, if I had an issue, I had to wait forever to get the problem fixed if it was fixed. Now, my problems get fixed quickly.

Don’t settle for less with your cell phone company. Make them work for you. If they don’t earn your service, feel free to take it somewhere else. Save that hard earned money.