We get it, groceries can get expensive. In fact, the average household spends between $300 and $700 a month on groceries.

Your stomach says steak . . . but your wallet says ramen.

Stop shedding tears and considering a second mortgage when the cashier gives you a total: use these tips to save money on your groceries.

Cut Some Coupons

Find coupons online, in mailers, and in your local newspaper. You may find some good deals and products you need. The key to using coupons: only buy those products you know you already need. Don’t let the advertisements sell you on more.

Try Out a Different Grocery Store

Check out discount stores like Aldi for less expensive everyday products. Pay attention to your local grocery store and their sales. Double check Walmart’s App (which has prices of their grocery items) to see if you are getting a good deal. Finally, check out Costco and Sam’s Club if you want to buy in bulk.

Do Some Math and Check Your Per Unit Price

Packagers are tricky and more does not always mean better. Do some math to make sure that you are getting the product that has the best price per ounce, unit, or pound. This will make your dollar stretch farther every time.

Use Your Smart Phone for a Smart Grocery Bill

Use apps like iBotta, Checkout51, ShopKick, Shopium, and CellFire. These give you coupons, discounts, and rebates towards the your groceries. Even better? Stack these with coupons to double your discounts.

Stick to Your List

Grocery stores are set up to pull every penny from you that they can. They creatively encourage impulse buys in everything that they do. Make a list of what you need before you go to the store. When you get there, vow to only get what is on the list. You might be surprised at how much this will save you.

Avoid Prepared Foods

I know it seems so much easier to buy the package of ready-to-cook stir fry instead of the ingredients, or the pre-made sandwiches and salads, but don’t do it. Prepared foods are often marked up 40%-50% of what the ingredients may cost you. This cost will add up quick and they can often be a less-healthy option.

Plan Your Trip on Markdown Day

After chatting with a local grocery store operator one day, I learned that my grocery store marks down their meats every Friday morning. So now, as soon as I drop my son off at school I hit the grocery store. Many times, they aren’t even finished marking everything down, so I get first dibs on discounted products. If it’s something I use often, I stock up and put it in my freezer.

Any of these tips can save you tons of money. Doing more such as adjusting the types of foods you buy, meal planning, buying generic products, and planning your trip can save you even more! Enjoy these great tips next time you hit the aisles, your wallet will thank you!