Make Money While You’re On Vacation

When you take a trip on an airplane, park your car in a parking lot owned by Flight Car at the airport. You’ll get free parking and a free car wash. While you’re gone, the company will list your car as a rental. If your car is rented out, you’ll get paid based on each mile driven. Don’t worry, FlightCar has great insurance to protect you if there are any issues while your car is rented out.

Give Out Some Rides as an Independent Taxi Driver

Popular ride sharing apps like Uber and Lyft (along with other local apps) give you the ability to hail a ride from your phone. What’s even better than that? Making money by being the person to pick people up. It’s easy to sign up as a driver, generally there are sign-up bonus’s, and you’ll make good money giving people rides. Most drivers report around $20 an hour.

Rent Out Your Car

If you’d rather not be the one doing the driving, you can use companies like RelayRides to rent out your car. Users pick up the car from you and return it to you. There are even services that allow for longer rentals like weekends if you have a car that you use even more rarely.

Sell Advertising Space

Your car is a great advertising space. There are so many people who see if every day, and you can really take advantage of that. There are lots of companies that will pay you to put advertising on your vehicle. Our favorite is Wrapify, where users report between $400 and $600 a month. You don’t have any upfront costs, just signing up and driving your car.

Deliver Packages and Groceries

Do you have some extra time on your hands and an extra vehicle? Use that car to make extra money getting groceries, food, or packages to people. Sign up for Amazon Flex to take packages to those people who ordered faster delivery within your city. If you want to deliver food or groceries, you can sign up through Instacart or Postmates!