1. Fill up a water bottle.

Your water bill is probably high. Too high. Especially if you’re reading this post. A good chunk of the water we use every day gets flushed down the toilet . . . literally. Unless you have a brand new, eco-centric toilet, chances are you are using lots of water to flush your toilet. If you take a water bottle, fill it with liquid, rocks, or something heavy, and place it in the tank of your toilet, you’ll see some money changes. Your tank won’t fill up as much, as your wallet won’t empty as fast.

2. Switch to these better bulbs.

The bulbs our parents used just don’t work anymore. Stop buying the cheap $0.60 bulbs that burn out after a couple of months. Invest in LED bulbs. They are brighter, use WAY less energy, and last for years on end. The market for LED bulbs has become increasingly competitive in recent years, which just means better pricing for you.

3. Add a little foam in your life.

Did you know, that this small piece of foam can make a difference in the heating and cooling costs of your home? Our walls are insulated, but the plugs and light switches are not. Installing these slim foam pads in our wall sockets and light switches is ridiculously easy and inexpensive.

4. Adjust your thermostat.

Can handle your house being 1-2 degrees warmer in the summer, and cooler in the winter? The less you heat or cool the house, the more money you’ll save. So, if you can throw on a blanket instead of turning up your thermostat, you’ll see a big difference in how much you spend.

There are no bad questions! Call and ask.

It never hurts to ask. Call your bill companies and ask if there is any way you can spend less money each month. Maybe your cell phone carrier can find you a discount or your internet provider can cut you a discount. Perhaps your electricity company can give you energy efficiency incentives and your gas company can put you on an average billing plan so you can pay the same amount each month.