Facebook Marketplace and Groups

Facebook is a great place to sell your stuff. You can post it so that people who are nearby can see it. Start by selecting the Marketplace icon on your Facebook App. Select “What are you listing?” and type the name of what you want to sell, upload some pictures, add descriptions, and post your sale! Facebook has a new option where you can simultaneously post on the marketplace and in your local buy/sell groups.


Craigslist is not dead, and it’s not just full of “missed connection” adds. Craigslist still has a large selling section that continues to remain popular. The best way to make a good sale on Craigslist is with lots of good pictures, a solid description, and good contact information.


You don’t just have to sell to those locally. You can always post your products for sale nationwide. EBay is great because you can offer a Buy-It-Now price, or have an auction where people will make offers against each other. Remember to post your item at a regular time, not super late at night or early in the morning. Include a good picture, and make good shipping decisions. The more successfully you sell on EBay and get good reviews, the more offers you will get on each of your products.


LetGo is the epitome of ease when it comes to selling your unwanted stuff to a local audience. It’s very easy to take a quick picture and post it on the website. The app even scans the picture and makes title suggestions to save you even more time.


If you have higher end, designer clothes, shoes, and accessories that you no longer want, one of the best places to get rid of them is through Poshmark. It’s a very easy app to download and it’s very easy to sell your designer items to other people around the world.